Singing Lessons:

We can currently see you in person at the studio or online via Zoom. We have a voice training CD available and run group singing lessons. Please read on for more details or fill out the form to get in touch and chat.

Modern Singing Technique

Ben is Bristol's only authorised CVT teacher (last updated summer 2019). Also a producer, songwriter, pianist, guitarist, singer and voiceover artist, Ben teaches speech and singing technique and interpretation for all styles with a wealth of knowledge available to help beginners and professionals alike.

From the studio, Ben offers individual singing lessons, group lessons, recording sessions, songwriting sessions, Zoom lessons, custom video lessons and a voice training CD.
or call 07736274970.

Modern Singing Technique

Nade is a highly experienced Music Tutor specialising in Singing and Songwriting. Her nurturing attitude is instantly recognisable.
Music facilitator by day, chanteuse by night. Nade is an award winning songwriter and diploma qualified vocal coach and music leader who has a keen sense of fun. 
Patient, approachable and versatile Nade has performed in countless locations, from underground bars to festival fields, concert venues to European cities.
Nade offers safe, encouraging learning environment where there is always clear, open communication and a great balance between focused pursuit of musical goals and having lots of fun!

Nade teaches vocals from beginners to advanced students of all ages. Vocal lessons with Nade include: Understanding exactly how your voice works, finding your own unique sound, Gaining more power range and tone, Singing theory breathing and vocal technique, and Live Performance Coaching (Confidence, Stage presence).

Nade also teaches songwriting from beginners to advanced students of all ages. 
Songwriting lessons include: Learning how to write a song from scratch, Learning how to create inspirational lyrics, Experiencing how to write a song without an instrument, Song Analysis.

Email or call us to book a session with Nade.

“A natural teacher who has a keen sense of fun, her commitment and high expectations of each and every child she works with helps them to increase self-esteem.”. Miss Anna Comfort, Primary school teacher and ESOL co-ordinator at Easton C of E Primary School, Bristol

“Patient, approachable and versatile, Nadine is able to engage and enthuse on many levels with a broad range of young people from a diverse range of backgrounds.". Mr Loben Tatlow Youth Music worker, Project Manager at Remix and Basement projects, Bristol

“She has returned to Access To Music as a guest speaker and her performances and insights have proved enlightening and inspirational to students.”. Mrs Sally Larkin, Assistant Centre Manager at Access to Music, Bristol

Our free resources page is a facility for all singers to learn more about the background of singing technique. We have information on technique, videos and further reading for those interested in learning more about the voice. Click here to enter the resources page.

To help you train your singing technique in your own time, we offer one of our teaching rooms for free, for an hour a week to all of our singers for solo training and study group sessions. You are automatically entitled to this as soon as you have come to the studio for a singing lesson and are on our mailing list. Book a lesson below.

Click here for a vocal technique discussion group set up by CVI, Copenhagen. Here you will find singers of all abilities discussing various aspects of the voice. Membership includes around 400 authorised CVT teachers from around the world, so you may get some top singing advice for free!

Our teachers are very familiar with teaching absolute beginners and we're able to provide the right encouragement, good advise and appropriate training for you! Contact us now to get started!

What to expect in your first lesson:

  • - We believe everybody can sing!
  • - Learn to sing easily and comfortably without straining or tiring your voice.
  • - Learn how to sing in a fun, fast and efficient way that is customised to you.
  • - Learn how to increase your range in your first session.
  • - Learn how to sing louder or softer in your first session.
  • - Learn how to sing longer notes in your first session.
  • - Learn how to avoid hoarseness.
  • - Learn how to interpret your songs.
  • - Gift vouchers available.

We work with your aims and direction, no matter what you'd like to do. We can work on technique or interpretation for recording or performance. All styles can be taught to everyone these days, so the songs you sing are your own choice, or we can suggest songs for you.

When booking your first session, let us know some of your aims. We can adapt our teaching methods to suit your ideas of how you'd like the sessions to run, what to include, what styles to sing, contemporary or classical, how fast to go and whether you want a challenge or to stick to your comfort zone. If you have no idea what you want but want to give it a go, don't worry, we'll help you find your voice!

Please contact us for our latest prices and to receive offers on our mailing list.


Experienced singers, teachers and other vocal professionals come to us when they want more out of their singing lessons. Contact us now to get started!

What to expect as an advanced singer:

  • -We teach you how to train your own voice, without needing us!
  • -Train to sing with any sound the human voice can make, in a healthy way.
  • -We help with hoarseness and give emergency aid to singers when they need their voice.
  • -We teach technique regardless of style. Every exercise has a purpose for the way you want to sing.
  • -We can teach CVT, EVTS, SLS, Bel Canto, Alexander Technique and Interpretation..
  • -Learn effects such as distortion, rattle, vibrato, growl, grunt, creek, vocal breaks and screams.
  • -Cover the details of anatomy, physiology, psychology and vocal science in order to train any style.
  • -Benefit from Authorised Complete Vocal Technique tuition, from Europes largest vocal research institution.

Everything can be taught. You may want to learn the finer details of your technique, solve any vocal problems or hoarseness, take refresher sessions, get help with studio recordings, change your style (i.e. from classical to contemporary and vice versa), or to strengthen your voice in ways you have not done before. We also provide teacher training, to help you as a singing teacher in how you deliver your understanding of technique to your students. Let us know your background and how we can help you.

Also, We're often looking for a variety of different singers for songwriting and recording demos. All of our singing clients are automatically on our list for session work on a paid or royalty-share basis as and when the opportunities come up!

Please contact us for our latest prices and to receive offers on our mailing list.

Skype Sessions are also available.Skype

Top Modern Singing Lessons

Our group sessions are held every two weeks on Saturdays. All singers are welcome to attend.
We keep the price minimal at only £10 per person for the 2 hour session, so everyone can have access to professional voice training.

We run a facebook group for all group members. Click to join!

What are they?
One-to-one singing lessons but in a group format, with piano, guitar or digital accompaniment.

Why should I take a group session?
Heres 10 ways it could help you:
1 - Training your singing technique in a group helps you learn faster!
2 - Learn about your singing by watching others. You can actively take part or watch and listen!
3 - Everyone gets a chance to work on their voice.
4 - We can cover technique for all sounds, all styles and all levels of singer.
5 - We work on your choice of subject. Every singer and every session can be different.
6 - Its not part of a course, so you can attend a series of sessions or come and go as you please.
7 - Build confidence performing in front of an audience.
8 - Get positive opinions and ideas from other singers.
9 - We see that every singer has something they are good at.
10- Access a wealth of technical knowledge and years of singing experience.

Who is it for?
All singers are welcome. You will benefit from this session at any stage in your career. Some singers come to build confidence, some to solve vocal issues, some to learn new information, some for extra practice.

The group is different every time, so we adapt the style of lesson to suit the group. We can work together or individually. We ask every singer to bring a question, challenge or issue with a song they are singing and we take a look at it, one at a time, in the group. You may watch other singers working on their technique or let us know what you want to work on and we will provide the tools and techniques to make it work for you. If you have a song or sound you want to achieve, try to bring an example recording of the sound you want.

Recording room 2, Artist Studios, 10 King Square Avenue, Bristol, BS2 8HU

Seats are limited, so book your place now!

The following video on Support, from our resources page was recorded at one of our group singing lessons.


Our voice training CD is for singers who want to exercise their voice at home or warm up before a concert or recording. Its currently available with free delivery from our webpage, from Mickleburgh Pianos in Bristol or downloadable from iTunes and other online outlets. Listen to a sample below or click here for our CD webpage for more details.


Starting with a free consultation, you can use our Skype singing lessons when you can't get to the studio, or need to quickly brush up on your technique from wherever you are in the world. We can provide CVT lessons, we can work with your repertoire, we can work on your interpretation or you may have a specific vocal issue you need answers for. The skype lessons are fast and efficient despite the fact that we are working in two different locations. We have ways to communicate and get the best out of your voice without having to hear or see you in the same room.

Please contact us to book your session to tell us about your singing and let us know what you would like to get from your session.


Performance Night

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  • "Ben has been a great teacher over the last two or so years. He is very patient, allowing you to progress at your own pace, and he has really helped to develop the style of my voice, so much so that I have surprised myself! It does not matter what style of voice you have/are looking for, as Ben would definitely be able (and happy) to help. Would strongly recommend!"- Holly Atkinson

    "I came to Ben for singing lessons as I was no longer gaining any improvement with my previous teacher. What a difference!! I remember walking out of my first lesson feeling absolutely blown away that I had just sung for an hour with no strain, and was producing a much better sound instantly. The vocal method he teaches had me singing easily, able to relax, singing much more powerfully and consistently and my range improved dramatically as a result. I have since gone on to do some professional recording and singing; my confidence in performance has shot up and I even feel I have better control of my speaking voice when nervous etc. Brilliant thanks Ben!" - Abi Carpenter

    Artist Studios

    Music Studio In the Heart of Bristol, based in Stokes Croft cultural quarter
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    Voice coaching advice and information for beginners and professionals. We can train all aspects of the voice at the music studio. Our experienced and knowledgeable singers and speech professionals can help you with your recording, performance technique, preparation for auditions and build your confidence.

    Recording and Production


    With a wide range of equipment, instruments, session musicians and singers, Artists Studio can cater for all styles. Based in the centre of Bristol, we offer flexible times, creative recording methods and a wealth of experience to provide top quality music production. Tell us about your project and we can fit your needs.

    Songwriting Tuition


    We can help you with your writing from conception to release. Use our coaching and workshops to help your lyrics and music, collaboration and production for your creative / personal writing, or for the industry. You can also use our publishing contacts for the next step.