Bristol's Recording Studio in the Stokes Croft cultural quarter.

With 3 studios available, analogue tape and a range of vintage mics and top quality outboard, we are ready to capture the soul of your music.

We come complete with session musicians available for songwriters, producers and engineers available for musicians, vocal specialists for the singers, analogue mastering and digital conversion up to 192kHz.

Digital: When your music needs hi-fidelity. With a range of modern microphones, our Focusrite ISA828 preamps, 24bit Apogee Symphony 192kHz converters, Logic Pro and a range of outboard and plugins, we can capture and produce your music fast to get the best sound. We can mix & master or you can take away the stems.

Analogue and Tape: When your music needs something more than digital. Tape ignores the high frequency transients that digital captures and reproduces the warmth soul of your music.
Our vintage mics, Focusrite Red and Thermionic Culture valve channel strips and 1", 16-Channel Tascam Tape machine will multitrack your entire band. We can combine this warmth with digital if you want more editing. Then, mix & master to digital or convert to stems for you to take away.

Please listen to our Soundcloud playlist for recent examples of what we can create. Also, please watch some of our Youtube videos below for a look behind the scenes.

Siebe Palmen from Holland's Vocal Arts Academy joined us for a quick recording session of his 'Dunglish' song.

Dave Coe is a professional songwriter who we have produced 14 songs for his demo portfolio. Day Will Come features Emily Crawford on vocals. Watch 'the making of' video above.

Sue initially came to us for singing lessons, then took up songwriting coaching and finally embarked on recording an entire album, in one to one sessions on an ongoing basis. We helped compose this epic piece which involves a 30 strong choir at the end. Watch the video above to see how we recorded them and listen to the final track above!

Recording Steve Mallinson on drums for one of Dave Coe's songs with Emily Crawford on vocals.

Artist Studios

Music Studio In the Heart of Bristol, based in Stokes Croft cultural quarter
Singing Concert


Voice coaching advice and information for beginners and professionals. We can train all aspects of the voice at the music studio. Our experienced and knowledgeable singers and speech professionals can help you with your recording, performance technique, preparation for auditions and build your confidence.

Recording and Production


With a wide range of equipment, instruments, session musicians and singers, Artists Studio can cater for all styles. Based in the centre of Bristol, we offer flexible times, creative recording methods and a wealth of experience to provide top quality music production. Tell us about your project and we can fit your needs.

Songwriting Tuition


We can help you with your writing from conception to release. Use our coaching and workshops to help your lyrics and music, collaboration and production for your creative / personal writing, or for the industry. You can also use our publishing contacts for the next step.