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    I've been playing music for 26 years and have always been interested in learning something new and expanding on my skills and knowledge. I am a songwriter and solo artist and have worked with an entire range of bands from swing bands, to wedding bands and my own pop, rock and funk outfits.
    I have learned from many methods of singing, most notably my early lessons were in the Estil method (EVTS) and I have gone on to study Complete Vocal Technique (CVT).
    I'm passionate about singing technique and music production, which I have come to specialise in.
    I love working with singers, teaching and getting the best out of other musicians whilst learning more in the process.
    I set up Artist Studios in 2007 as a central hub of music coaching, artist development and recording / production services. Since then, we have delivered a range of instrument lessons, songwriting courses, recording courses, singing lessons, jam sessions, a live online showcase of local bands, concerts for our customers and studio spaces for producers or external teachers.

    20 Singing Teachers to date.

    List available on request.


    Private reading and fields of research:

    The Artists Way, Julia Cameron,
    Neuro-linguistic Programming,
    Complete Vocal Technique, (CVT), Catherine Sadolin,
    Singing and Teaching Singing, Janice Chapman,
    Singing and the Actor, Gillyanne Kayes,
    Acting Songs, David Brunetti,
    Ultimate Vocal Voyage, Daniel Zangger Borch,
    Speech Level Singing, (SLS), Seth Riggs,
    Brett Manning,
    Mixing with your mind, Michael Paul Stavrou,
    Modern Recording Techniques, David Miles Huber.

    Musical instruments:

    Bass guitar,
    Double bass,



    Musicians Union member.
    Bristol Music Industry Network member.
    CVI.my member
    CRB checked.


    Complete Vocal Institute, Copenhagen: 3 year CVT Singer/Teacher diploma & CVT Authorisation.


    I chose to take a diploma at CVI because I wanted to further expand my knowledge and skills as both a singer and a teacher. I found the diploma to be the most comprehensive course I had encountered, with no techniques based on style or taste but techniques that can be adapted to suit all singers and all learning types no matter what style of music they sing.
    Something that attracted me to CVI was the philosophy and teaching pedagogy that they deliver. There is a different approach to learning that promotes a "can-do" attitude that is rare to find in any other institution. Everything is achievable with the right technique and practise. For instance, previous teachers had told me that I couldn't increase my range but at CVI they explained to me that everybody can sing the high C. The course helped me to increase my range even though I was already an experienced singer and had been already teaching for 10 years!

    I covered the use and teaching of:
    Universal tongue positions,
    Vocal Modes,
    Sound Colour,
    Dealing with hoarseness and providing Emergency Aid,
    Teaching professionals and celebrities,
    Speech coaching for actors,
    Scanning and Decoding,
    Working with learning types,
    Communication model,
    Presentation skills.

    University of Bath: Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.


    My degree included psychology, accounting and Italian modules. I also took training courses in:
    Communication skills,
    Time management,
    Presentation skills,
    Negotiation and conflict management,
    Leadership and teamwork skills,
    Project planning,
    Website design,
    Event management from the Glastonbury Festival team,
    Songwriting course with Lorraine Ayensu,

    I set up a Music Production Society using my own equipment to encourage original songwriting and studio recording. The society attracted over 60 people in its first two weeks, and in our introductory sessions we wrote and recorded a song that was played on the radio station the following week.
    We won the Student Union Best New Society award of 2003.

    Shows: West Side Story - playing Chino and recorded the audio CD,
    Die Feuerzangenbowle - Musical Director and playing Husemann,
    Guys and Dolls - Musical Director,
    Natural Tendency,
    I also recorded the Big Band and the Gospel Choir in the theatre. We used my own equipment and hired a large format console, mics and outboard.

    Pershore Business College: ‘Working with People’ module.


    Problem Solving,
    Presentation Skills,
    Business Management.


    Artist Studios Ltd. (Incorporated in 2015).

    2007- present: Director, Singing Teacher/Vocal Coach, Sound Engineer, Producer.

    Tasks include:
    Teaching singing technique and interpretation to beginners, intermediate, advanced and professional singers, Recording solo artists, choirs, bands, classical and folk ensembles,
    Recording and producing session singers and instrumentalists,
    Producing songwriting demos (to a guide track spec),
    Music video production
    Teaching a songwriting course, which involved recording the material as you go,
    Teaching music technology as one-to-one and group workshops,
    Collaborating with other songwriters,
    Assisting vocalists with their technique in recording sessions,
    Broadcasted 2 series of a live online show of studio-based gigs, mixed and recorded live,
    Teaching groups from Oldfield School, Orchard School, Youth Music Theatre Academy and Bristol University and UWE.

    The Centre for Voice Bristol.

    2005 – 2007: Vocal coach / singing teacher.

    Singing teacher for Musical Theatre students training in the Estil method (EVTS).

    The Bristol Music Showcase.

    2006: Event organiser.

    Hosting, promotion, organising, engineering and production of a festival at the Alma Theatre, Bristol.

    Bristol Cathedral School.

    2006 – 2008: Music Technology Teacher.

    Taught Music Technology AS and GCSE modules using Cubase in the schools first Mac based studio.
    Recorded classical recitals for exams.

    Portfolio Productions.

    2001-2007: Sound Engineer / Producer.

    Taught studio skills to singing students,
    Recorded singers, musicians and bands, (mobile and in-studio),
    Commercial song demo production for songwriters,
    CD Duplication and artwork design,
    Promotion and advertising,

    Bristol Academy of Performing Arts.

    2005 –2006: Studio Sound Engineer.

    Assisted singing students at BAPA in developing their singing technique
    Recorded professional vocal demos of Musical Theatre singers.

    Bristol Cathedral School – Music Department.

    2001 – 2002: Sound Recording Teacher.

    Planned and taught 3rd and 4th year pupils Key-Stage 3 and GCSE level modules,
    Hosted a lunchtime club recording bands, string ensembles, vocals, brass ensembles and radio adverts,
    Assisted the Young Enterprise company in recording and producing CDs of the orchestra and school bands,
    Taught singers to record with the school equipment,
    Introduced pupils to the new sound recording equipment.

    Video-Tech Duplication/Producers.


    Spectel Video Producers.


    Equipment and Software use / experience:

    Adam A7 Monitors
    Yamaha 02R digital Mixer
    Mackie D8B digital Mixer
    Mackie Live mixer
    Soundcraft mixers
    AMS Neve 8816 Summing Mixer
    Focusrite Red 2 Compressor
    Focusrite Red 7 Pre/Compressor
    Focusrite ISA828 Preamps
    Focusrite Platinum Voicemaster Pro
    Thermionic Culture Vulture Distortion
    Thermionic Culture Rooster Pre/Eq/Distortion
    Tascam FW1884 console
    Behringer personal monitor / headphone system
    Logic Pro & Waveburner
    Pro Tools
    Cool Edit
    Waves, Native Instruments plugins
    Nord pianos,
    Roland Fantom X and digital pianos
    Roland V drums
    Roland V Studio
    Guitar equipment, Marshall Amps, Boss Pedals, etc
    Kawaii Grand piano

    Microphone use / experience:

    Blue Kiwi
    Blue Bottle
    Sennheiser 421
    Electro-voice RE20
    AKG 414
    SE RNR1 ribbon
    CAD Trion 7000 ribbon
    Shure Sm57, 58 and others
    Beyer dynamic
    Audio Technica
    Coles ribbon,
    Neumann U87,
    Experimental mics including loudspeakers and radio handsets.


    Vocal Coach Singing Lesson Singer Recording Vocal Coach Vocal Coach Piano Accompaniment Singing Vocal Coaching Vocal Coach

    Artist Studios

    Music Studio In the Heart of Bristol, based in Stokes Croft cultural quarter
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    Voice coaching advice and information for beginners and professionals. We can train all aspects of the voice at the music studio. Our experienced and knowledgeable singers and speech professionals can help you with your recording, performance technique, preparation for auditions and build your confidence.

    Recording and Production


    With a wide range of equipment, instruments, session musicians and singers, Artists Studio can cater for all styles. Based in the centre of Bristol, we offer flexible times, creative recording methods and a wealth of experience to provide top quality music production. Tell us about your project and we can fit your needs.

    Songwriting Tuition


    We can help you with your writing from conception to release. Use our coaching and workshops to help your lyrics and music, collaboration and production for your creative / personal writing, or for the industry. You can also use our publishing contacts for the next step.